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Eco Safe Bags is an Australian owned company specialising in the supply of quality plain and printed calico, canvas, non-woven bags, jute & hessian, paper bags, recycled PET bags and souvenir bags at economical prices.
Our wide range reusable Calico bags, Green bags, tote bags, sling bags, shoulder bags, paper bags, brown kraft paper bags, white kraft paper bags, satchel bags, library bags, green shopping bags and trade show bags are widely used by small, medium and large businesses, clubs, schools, libraries and travel conference and trade organisations.
Our reusable bags Calico bags are made of cotton and green bags are made of nonwoven polypropylene. We have the capacity to custom design calico and green bags bags in any shape, size and colour, including handles, pockets and zippers. At an economic cost, we can also supply in small quantities.
Using our reusable green bags and calico bags promote your business identifies you as a socially responsible organization, playing your part in the worldwide campaign to rid the planet of plastic shopping bags.
We welcome wholesale, retail and custom manufacturing enquiries form local, interstate and international customers.
Governments are currently working in conjunction with retailers to phase-out single-use plastic bags.
If you don't have plastic bag alternatives reusable bags such as calico and green bags ready to go in your store by this date, you'll be left behind.
By acting now, you'll have plenty of time to explore the alternatives, choose either paper, calico or green bags the right one for your business, cut your plastic bag costs and start marketing your actions to your customers and the media.
Reusable bags are emerging as the smart alternative. They offer affordable practicality, plus the satisfaction that comes from making environmentally responsible choices.
South Australia has decided to go it alone and ban the bags from next year. Victoria is going to trial a program where people pay up to 25 cents for each bag.
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