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We have all been to those functions or worked with businesses and received promotional products of some form. Whether it be a tote bag, a pen or even a stress ball, somehow a product branded with a company logo has found its way into our belongings. This is why promotional products are a popular form of advertising and spreading your brand but if you decide to go this route then it is important to invest in high quality. By making the decision to use your brand across various different promotional products, the last thing you want your brand or company name on is something that is of poor quality. Promotional products that break or fall apart easily, or just simply do not work, will end up reflecting poorly on your brand. Not only that, but once people associate your brand or company that is poor quality, then the promotional product will have a detrimental effect on what you are trying to achieve. While people will remember your brand name, they instead will remember how the item you have given them broke or did not work. This is why when using promotional products, the higher quality you use, the better the association with your brand will be. A pen that has your name on it that lasts forever? What about that tote bag they constantly use for shopping for years on end? These simple uses of high-quality promotional products will create a favourable image of your brand or company for years to come.

Print Advertising

With the world relying so much on digital advertising and social media marketing, one could be forgiven for thinking that perhaps that print advertising is on the way out but this is not the case at all. Billboards, ad labels, business cards, newspaper advertising, fridge magnets, resin labels along many other items are still very much in heavy rotation so when it comes to advertising and promotional products, do not neglect the physical items. Labels, postcards, flyers, magnets, resin labels, all of these types of promotional products give those you are advertising to a tangible product in their hand, which in a world that is predominantly digital, is less likely to get lost in a sea of information. The best advertising engages more than one sense so with print advertising you are getting people to engage with the material on a physical level. Magnets, labels, business cards, resin labels and other such items find their way onto fridges, wallets and in other such places, creating a constant reminder and association with your business. This is why when thinking about your marketing budget, allocating resources towards print advertising and promotional products is a lucrative idea, rather than just relying on the digital sphere. With so many options for items like resin labels and magnets, coming in all different shapes, sizes, designs and colours, you can really find a creative way and eye-catching way to engage with your consumers.

Technology Promo Products

The best promotional products are ones that somebody uses and carries with them every single day thus the reasons pens are such popular items in the promotional products world. These days though, tech accessories are often the first things that people put into their bags to prepare to head out the door or keep on their desks at home or at work. This is why it has become increasingly popular to use technology products for promotional products. Items like power banks, earbuds, car chargers and other items like flash drives are staples amongst most professionals so it only makes sense to consider using them for your promotional marketing. From portable speakers to flash drive keychains, using these types of items as promotional products not only help spread your brand out in different ways, but it also shows just how forward-thinking your brand is. Handing a potential client, a valued customer or somebody you are working with a branded flash drive with information about the business? It does not get more perfect than that. If you are looking for an interesting way to promote your business, brand or company, then investing in technological promotional products is one way to really make a statement and help spread your message amongst a wide range of potential customers and clients.


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Corporate promotional products are a great way to spread and enhance your company’s image and at Star Promotions, we know apparel is one of the best ways to do this. Whether it be the people who work for you or for those that have worked alongside you as corporate partners, sponsors or even just clients, having people wear promotional products that have your company’s name on them is only going to strengthen the visibility of your brand. If you are looking for promo products in Brisbane, then Star Promotions can provide you with the best promotional apparel. Jackets and vests are one of the best options for corporate apparel as they are easy to slip on over a uniform when people are out and about and often make a good impression. Corporate promotional products like the jackets we use come in a range of different styles for men and women so no matter the nature of your business, you will find the right style. You can give them out at corporate events such as charity and sponsors, they can be part of corporate gifts or just as an extra item to those loyal customers. A warm jacket or stylish vest with your business name will stand out amongst other types of corporate promotional products so if you are looking for promo products in Brisbane, contact Star Promotions and we can help you out.

Business Promotional Products

Promotional products are a great way to not just get visibility for your company or business but they are also a great way to help promote relationships with the other businesses you work with. By giving those you work with or even some of your longstanding clients gifts that have your logo on them, you are helping create bonds. The options of what you can put your logo on are absolutely endless, we surveyed, and we did our research thus we know what works so with Star Promotions, you will have the best choice of promo products in Brisbane. Office supplies are a marvellous choice for promotional products, like desk items as not only are they useful but when put in somebody else’s workplace, the name of your business is going to be there as a constant reminder. Stationery is also an excellent choice as it is simple to hand out, say when they are signing a contract you can get them to keep the pen they are using and let’s face it, pens make their way around offices. If you are hosting any corporate days, products like lanyards and ID holders are a practical choice for business promotional products, and notebooks, portfolios and calculators are great additions to any gift bags or baskets that you may give out. All of these items are practical gifts and often become permanent parts of the offices of the people you give them to, so they will never forget the name of your business. If you are wanting to get your business name out there in an interesting way, Star Promotions has the smartest ideas for promo products in Brisbane.

Quality Promotional Products

Corporate and leisure events are often a great way for staff to mingle and a way to interact with clients, sponsors and promotional partners on a more casual level. Relaxing the day away and having a fun time for whatever reason is definitely a wholesome way to boost not just the image of your company or business but also strengthen internal and external relationships. This is where investing in the best range of promo products in Brisbane makes even more sense. Having your logo across all of the different products that will be in use gives a positive impact on the image of your brand and will remind everybody who brought them together. Umbrellas, barbeque tool kits, sun umbrellas, coasters, golf tees, chairs, picnic sets and sports bags- whatever the event or the occasion, Star Promotions can provide these for you. Not only do they make a great way to increase brand power at an event, but also, they are phenomenal gifts. With these products being used mainly during downtime, they will not only be very visible in the public, but they will build a positive association with the brand and the recipient's leisure time. Our promo products are Brisbane appropriate-, we love to enjoy the sun and our leisure time so contact Star Promotions to find out how you can take advantage of our product range today.

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Promotional products have never been more cost-effective and affordable than with Star Promotions. Corporate or business promotional products are highly effective and still used widely to advertise or spread awareness for a cause for a not-for-profit organisation. With a low price guarantee, our promotional merchandise is fantastic for branding awareness and you can easily have your logo or motto printed on promo products. We offer custom printing on a wide range of products and this will last for years to come. You can benefit from long-lasting recurring advertising benefits by just paying for the promotional products once. Star Promotions offers a plethora of promotional products from apparel to bags, eco-friendly products to drinkware, headwear, pens and tools. Our inventory is vast and we achieve one hundred per cent client satisfaction. We procure the finest and to[-quality promo materials for our promo products and whether you use them as corporate gifts or merchandise, we guarantee a lengthy lifespan. Our printing is done to the highest quality and we offer quick and free shipping. Additionally, Star Promotions offers friendly after-sales support for you. With ten years of industry experience, we have become one of the trusted promotional products suppliers across Perth, Brisbane, Sydney, the Gold Coast and beyond. We serve clients in those cities plus Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra, Geelong, Townsville, Woollongong, Newcastle and Cairns. We supply promo products for State and Federal Government agencies, real estate agents, agriculture, construction and aviation industries, trucking, automotive and travel industries, financial, shipping, legal, political and campaign clients and education and school and fundraising clientele.

Custom Printed Promotional Products

More and more companies are doing personalised or customised promotional products. It is a fantastic way to market your business or organisation. If you have a business or organisation that requires some promotion, why not consider Star Promotions for your promo products to be customised with your logo or motto? People purchasing your products will be a walking advertisement for your company or organisation especially if you organise promotional products in the form of bags. We offer backpacks, cooler bags, sports and duffle bags, laptop bags, satchels, travel bags, supermarket bags, jute bags, paper bags and bamboo bags. Alternatively, if you are seeking promo products for events or fundraising, our promotional merchandise is second to none and seeks to promote your brand or event in a way that no other advertising can. Bags are a great way to fill with goodies and promote your organisation or event and are especially good for not-for-profit charities.

Eco-friendly Promotional Ideas

Star Promotions offers calico bags, canvas bags, bamboo bags and Fair Trade cotton bags as eco-friendly promotional products. Additionally, we have coloured jute bags, paper bags, non-woven bags and wine jute bags. We offer to carry bags and supermarket bags, paper bags, coolers, cosmetic bags, tote bags, backpacks and much more. Eco-friendly promotional products are great for companies and organisations as it demonstrates a commitment to environmentally-friendly principles. The impact of eco-friendly promotional products is that they show an appreciation of the environment and awareness of the impact that many promotional products and items have on the environment through manufacturing, materials and disposal. They serve as an informative tool for people who are not as aware of environmentally-friendly principles. You can add sustainable-friendly slogans on the bags or other products as well so that people are aware of your commitment and support of environmentally-friendliness. They are additionally less expensive than many promotional products and can often be recycled or organic. They use less energy in production and emit fewer pollutants during manufacturing. Furthermore, eco-friendly promotional products are useful as well as getting your name out there. They are often comprised of durable material which lasts a lengthy lifespan such as jute or cotton bags. Reliable and effective, our promotional products that are eco-friendly are highly regarded by our clientele. Star Promotions values its clientele and our promotional products are second to none in the industry and can be customised to suit your needs and aesthetic desires.