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Offering premium-quality promotional products is the name of the game with Star Promotions and we take pride in the products that we offer. We also take pride in delivering exceptional customer service going above and beyond to assist our valued clientele. Our promotional products are outstanding and we ensure that we are affordable and you can make a cost-effective investment into promo products in Brisbane. Additionally, we offer corporate promotional products as well as various other types such as corporate apparel, calico bags, drinkware, technology promotional products and pens plus much more. Whether you are looking for corporate promotional products or promotional merchandise, Star Promotions offers a plethora of promotional products to suit your requirements and aesthetic taste. You might be seeking corporate apparel for your team or corporate gifts for your clientele, we can help with both. If you are seeking giveaway items for events or trade shows, our promotional products will stand out from the crowd. When you make a bulk order, we offer free shipping which is great and we engage with our clientele to offer quick and efficient delivery. Armed with around ten years of industry experience, we are a trusted promotional products supplier across Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, the Gold Coast and beyond. Our inventory of promo products is diverse so whether you are a corporate company, a small business looking for promotional products or a charity or not-for-profit organisation, we can help you with a successful promotional campaign. Our products are premium-quality materials and we ensure that quality control is adhered to and take pride in the standards that we offer.

Promotional Products For University

You might be fundraising or promoting a university event or show and promotional products for your event can be effective for marketing. Promo products in Brisbane or Adelaide, Perth or even Sydney are great for university students and students love free giveaway items or affordable promotional products such as pens and drinkware. If you are fundraising, promotional products are a fabulous way of gaining that well-deserved money for your campaign. We don’t use plastic bags or plastic cups but calico bags and quality drinkware such as promotional water bottles. University students love our bags of giveaways such as notepads, drink bottles, pens and pencil cases. Getting your brand on a reusable drinkware item as a promotional product is a smart way to market your brand and business. Marketing extends to promotional products which keep on advertising your business or not-for-profit organisation long after the purchase or giveaway is made. A promotional water bottle is a great way to keep the marketing going and it helps university students stay hydrated between and during lectures and tutorials it’s eco-friendly and sustainable as not a single-use bottle. We also offer technology promotional products which are great for university students such as headphones, flash or USB drives, phone cases, car chargers, selfie sticks and tablet cases plus more. Our leisure promotional products include coasters and umbrellas, sunglasses and towels plus much more.

Environmentally-friendly Promotional Products

As part of our promotional products inventory, Star Promotions offers calico bags, Fair Trade cotton bags, bamboo bags and canvas bags and we also stock jute and paper bags including wine jute bags. We strongly value being environmentally friendly and engaging in sustainable practices so our promotional products that are eco-friendly reflect our values. Eco-friendly promotional products are great to stand out as a business or organisation that values the environment and believes in reducing landfill waste and sustainable manufacturing. You can add slogans or branding to your promotional products and some are organic or can be recycled. Comprising durable and premium-quality material, our promotional products are second to none and we believe in committing to alleviating climate change and its impact on the environment. If you are a business or not-for-profit organisation and want to reflect the values of eco-friendly principles, then our environmentally-friendly promotional products are the way to go. We can customise them to suit your requirements and aesthetic tastes and we understand the value of committing to sustainable manufacturing practices. For quality promotional products for your business or organisation, Star Promotions offers a diverse range of products that will guarantee effective marketing for you.