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Promotional products have never been more cost-effective and affordable than with Star Promotions. Corporate or business promotional products are highly effective and still used widely to advertise or spread awareness for a cause for a not-for-profit organisation. With a low price guarantee, our promotional merchandise is fantastic for branding awareness and you can easily have your logo or motto printed on promo products. We offer custom printing on a wide range of products and this will last for years to come. You can benefit from long-lasting recurring advertising benefits by just paying for the promotional products once. Star Promotions offers a plethora of promotional products from apparel to bags, eco-friendly products to drinkware, headwear, pens and tools. Our inventory is vast and we achieve one hundred per cent client satisfaction. We procure the finest and to[-quality promo materials for our promo products and whether you use them as corporate gifts or merchandise, we guarantee a lengthy lifespan. Our printing is done to the highest quality and we offer quick and free shipping. Additionally, Star Promotions offers friendly after-sales support for you. With ten years of industry experience, we have become one of the trusted promotional products suppliers across Perth, Brisbane, Sydney, the Gold Coast and beyond. We serve clients in those cities plus Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra, Geelong, Townsville, Woollongong, Newcastle and Cairns. We supply promo products for State and Federal Government agencies, real estate agents, agriculture, construction and aviation industries, trucking, automotive and travel industries, financial, shipping, legal, political and campaign clients and education and school and fundraising clientele.

Custom Printed Promotional Products

More and more companies are doing personalised or customised promotional products. It is a fantastic way to market your business or organisation. If you have a business or organisation that requires some promotion, why not consider Star Promotions for your promo products to be customised with your logo or motto? People purchasing your products will be a walking advertisement for your company or organisation especially if you organise promotional products in the form of bags. We offer backpacks, cooler bags, sports and duffle bags, laptop bags, satchels, travel bags, supermarket bags, jute bags, paper bags and bamboo bags. Alternatively, if you are seeking promo products for events or fundraising, our promotional merchandise is second to none and seeks to promote your brand or event in a way that no other advertising can. Bags are a great way to fill with goodies and promote your organisation or event and are especially good for not-for-profit charities.

Eco-friendly Promotional Ideas

Star Promotions offers calico bags, canvas bags, bamboo bags and Fair Trade cotton bags as eco-friendly promotional products. Additionally, we have coloured jute bags, paper bags, non-woven bags and wine jute bags. We offer to carry bags and supermarket bags, paper bags, coolers, cosmetic bags, tote bags, backpacks and much more. Eco-friendly promotional products are great for companies and organisations as it demonstrates a commitment to environmentally-friendly principles. The impact of eco-friendly promotional products is that they show an appreciation of the environment and awareness of the impact that many promotional products and items have on the environment through manufacturing, materials and disposal. They serve as an informative tool for people who are not as aware of environmentally-friendly principles. You can add sustainable-friendly slogans on the bags or other products as well so that people are aware of your commitment and support of environmentally-friendliness. They are additionally less expensive than many promotional products and can often be recycled or organic. They use less energy in production and emit fewer pollutants during manufacturing. Furthermore, eco-friendly promotional products are useful as well as getting your name out there. They are often comprised of durable material which lasts a lengthy lifespan such as jute or cotton bags. Reliable and effective, our promotional products that are eco-friendly are highly regarded by our clientele. Star Promotions values its clientele and our promotional products are second to none in the industry and can be customised to suit your needs and aesthetic desires.