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Summer Promotional Products - 0 Comments

Summer is the perfect time for picnics, get-togethers and having fun in the sun. This means it is also a perfect time to invest in summer promotional products to give out to your clients and corporate partners. At Star Promotions, we have a wide range of different promotional products that are perfect for summer gifts. Promotional products like fold-out picnic chairs, umbrellas to help block out the sun and barbeque utensils are great seasonal products to give out. Since the weather is getting nicer as well, the number of corporate events and get-togethers will start to increase, so if you are running an event what a great opportunity to arrange this type of product to promote your company or business. If you are looking for something a little smaller or lowkey then products like towels, blankets and sunglasses are a great alternative. You can never have too many towels in summer and we have a wide range of towels that come in different sizes, types and of course colours to match your branding. Blankets are another great item as they come in handy for picnics or any camping trips that people may take over the summer and sunglasses, who does like having an extra pair around just in case? We are only scratching the surface about the range of products that Star Promotions can provide for summer events, so have a look today to see how we can help you push your corporate branding.

Christmas Party Promotional Product Ideas

Along with summer, Christmas is another time where having some seasonal branding can come in handy. If your company is hosting a Christmas party or even a Christmas get-together with our companies and people that you work with, organising some Christmas promotional products is a great way to finish out the year nicely. Depending on the kind of Christmas party you are having, glassware will normally go down a treat and can be a great way to serve a few celebratory beverages to say goodbye to the year. Continue down the same theme, at Star Promotions we also are able to source bottle openers, coasters, bar mats, stubby holders and other similar products. Really unite your company under the brand to celebrate a year that hard work deserves to really be celebrated. If a family-friendly Christmas party is on the cards, then we have a range of promotional products that suit a fun family day. From cute plush toys wearing your brand on their shirt, to leisure equipment to keep the kids entertained, you can deck the halls with branded gear. If you really want to go the extra mile, then Christmas t-shirts for your staff or corporate partners can be a fun way to say thank you for their business or work this year. With our range at Star Promotions, the ideas are endless so you can use many different products for little stocking stuffers or corporate gifts, and even way be inspired by the range we have available.

Mask up!

Starting as a necessity and soon becoming one of the biggest new accessories, masks have been the outcome of the pandemic. With a shortage of single-use masks, combined with the goal to be eco-friendly and for some people, a desire to be a little more fashionable, reusable masks have been one of the most popular items on the market. Almost every brand has its own mask now and it makes sense that they have made their way to corporate branding. Whether you are looking for a branded mask to give to your employees or it is a sign of the times to have them printed as a promotional product, at Star Promotions we can get them made to match your branding. Other items that we can supply businesses with are hand sanitiser, disposable masks and thermometers. COVID19 has changed the way many people do business and has added many new items to a business inventory. Many businesses will have to be subject to compliance, so being able to offer these goods to our customers is just another way Star Promotions has your back in this time. For kid’s masks, reusable ones with filters and other products necessary in this pandemic, check out our range online.