Our Bamboo cloth, tote and carry bags are fantastic alternatives to the harmful, single-use plastic bags. Made from economical, fertilizer and pesticide-free 100$ sustainable, and irrigation-free crops, bamboo is an eco-safe, 100% biodegradable option for our environment. Bamboo is also a naturally fast-growing plant, like Jute, however has been classes as the fasted-growing plant on Earth. Being biodegradable, these bags will harmlessly and naturally decompose, without spreading the toxins that the widespread single-use plastic bags spread, avoiding pollution and the harming of our wildlife. These bags are amazing for your company’s image, and show that you care about the harmful impact that single-use plastic bags can cause.

Using our reusable eco-safe bags promote your business identifies you as a socially responsible organization, playing your part in the worldwide campaign to rid the planet of plastic shopping bags.

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Ancona Bamboo Inkless Pen


The Ancona Bamboo Inkless Pen has a unique metal alloy tip that deposits small amounts of metal onto the page and has a writing distance of up to 5000m. Ancona has a natural bamboo barrel with shiny chrome trim. With no sharpening or refills needed, this is an excellent environmentally conscious option.

From $1.07

Giant Bamboo Carry Bag With Double Handles-100 Gsm


Made from Bamboo.One of the world''''''''s fastest growing plants.Bamboo Bags are used for conventions.Join the revolution to reduce the use of plastic shopping bags.

From $5.24

Harvest Bamboo Pen


Retractable ballpoint pen with a natural bamboo barrel and black trim made from PLA plastic derived from corn starch. The pen has a black large volume refill with 1200 metres of German manufactured Dokumental ink.

From $1.28

Long Handle Bamboo Conference Bag


Made from Bamboo,one of the world''''''''s fastest growing plants.Bamboo Bags are used for conventions,trade shows,fairs,sample bags,school&library bags,& are reusable as shopping bags. Ideal for environmental projects as bamboo is a renewable resource and bi

From $3.96

Bamboo Tote Bag


Reusable tote bag which is manufactured from 100gsm bamboo viscose with long handles so it can be carried on the shoulder. Bamboo is a natural material and because the plant is fast growing, it places less demands on natural resources and produces a material that is durable and versatile.

From $3.86